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With the right advice, gearing up to unlock the potential of your investment can be a wise move

With the right advice, gearing up to unlock the potential of your investment can be a wise move

With house prices hitting a record high this summer suggesting that the health of the UK property market is even immune to the pain of the pandemic, the merits of buying bricks and mortar remain as robust as ever.

However, as it is widely accepted that investing in the solid foundations afforded by the sector is a sound move, many would-be purchasers are put off by a perceived glass ceiling to owning multiple properties.

Building a personal property portfolio is not the sole preserve of the super rich through and, contrary to common misconceptions, nor does it require vast reserves of ready cash.

Picking up a buy-to-let at a bargain price, renovation project at auction or securing a holiday home just often requires the financial flexibility of a bridging loan and detailed knowledge of the lending market.

The team at Charles Louis Mortgage Advisers hold the key to unlocking this agility and expertise, whether it is needed to free up funding for a one-off restoration or to help fledgling landlords and developers fulfil their long-term ambitions for growth.

Sourcing such specialist support is vital when it comes to bridging loans – a form of short term, property-backed finance usually offered for between one and 24 months – given the array of lenders to consider and small print to decipher to find the right deal.

Timelines are often tight when it comes to pursuing a development opportunity and we ca ensure the process of arranging bridging finance which is ideal for creating the necessary breathing space to refinance to longer-term debt or sell a property is completed as efficiently as possible.

Our experts work as an extension of your team, taking on the researching, arranging and negotiating, so that you don’t have to worry about meeting an auction’s house 28-day terms or making the uninhabitable, habitable to obtain a traditional mortgage, and can focus instead on your property masterplan.

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